Why not?

It was never a given for me to apply for a coding Bootcamp, but am I happy I did? Without a doubt!

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

I’ve peeked at courses in programming off and on for a few years, never really been able to decide if it would be fun or not, what level or language to go for. HTML, Javascript, Expressions for After Effects? Still enjoying animation as a profession I wasn’t even sure what to use those skills for. Then spring 2020 hit the freelancing me and suddenly I had a lot more time on my hands and a wide-open fall. So education seemed like a smart move. But there are so many areas I would love to go deeper into and brand new ones to study, so what should I pick? Then Technigo frontend Bootcamp caught my eyes. A 24-week program, halftime pace, which meant I could keep freelancing, it wasn't for too long and I would get something very concrete from it. Well…why not?

It was not an easy choice for me, I hesitated into the last moment, hit “Accept seat” around 23.59 the last day, and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Now we are more than halfway in and it’s so much fun! With a new project every week we are learning things fast. Looking back at the projects, it’s easy to see the progress. Time is really flying and I constantly catch myself waking up from a flow of coding and realizing I forgot about lunch, or sleep. “Just want to try this little thing, and wow, sense this worked maybe I can do this too… “ Starting the Bootcamp with just a brief knowledge of HTML and CSS I’m excited to say we are already writing our own Todo apps and games with Javascript and React Redux. I’m just loving that the realization of what can be done with the techniques we are learning is growing by the minute. Next week we are diving into Node.js to try our hands at some backend. Imagine those possibilities!



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Cornelia Ryås

Frontend developer student at Technigo Bootcamp with a background in motion design. My portfolio: https://frontend.corneliaryas.com/